The artist, like the traveler, makes a journey inward that leads to change. Art and travel are linked by the search for meaning and beauty.

Paseo 206 is both a boutique hotel and art gallery. We host the works of new talents and the most important contemporary Cuban artists. Our desire is to be a meeting point, a place where Cuban art can express itself outside traditional channels and an opportunity for artists to make themselves known and show their work to visitors coming from all parts of the world. Sculptors, painters, photographers, illustrators: every artistic form is welcome at Paseo 206.

Our gallery is updated continually. Currently, you can admire the works of different artists, among which, two exceptional names stand out: Niels Reyes and Mabel Poblet. Both internationally renowned talents are characterized by an authentic and personal style that makes their work unmistakable.

We are waiting for you to appreciate these works in person.